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CLEMENT MOUGEL is a Painter, modern artist from Paris, France. First been exposed and introduced in Castelbajac's show in Paris, then he got verified by selling two pieces in the auction house Drouot in Paris. 

Since he has been exposed all around in galleries and also in iconic Brands houses like Hublot, Air France..

"I want to show feelings, emotions, reflexion from the inside..not the outside. Mental is king"

It makes us discover a unique universe.

CM paints mainly on canvas but wants to create on every supports. He is very active in Paris Streets with his very distinctive style, painting the shop stores, street furnitures, posts...

Also working Digitally has he created three NFT collections, theAristocrats GENESIS, BATTLE, ByCM with an amazing, dedicated Web3 team to link Physical and Digital Arts together and keep moving forward on New technologies.

He is passionated with mixing of ancient and extreme modernity.

Elegence, lines, architecture, simplicity because of complexity.

The clear and generous energy of his paintings gives us enough space & time to react about the comedy of our lives.

Copyright ©2023 Clement Mougel . PARIS . All Rights Reserved

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