CLEMENT MOUGEL is a contemporary artist, born in 1986 on September 7th in Compiegne, France.


Always Connected from a young age with painting,theater and music.


Inspired by Picasso, Chagall… Basquiat. Breaking established rules,  he transcribes through his brush ,the blurred and abstracted vision of the society we live in.


The expressionist gesture of Clement describes emotional prospects in constant motion.

"I want to show people from the inside..not the outside."

It makes us discover a visual universe and a language in which he crosses abstracted expressionism, an inspirational graffiti, a certain architectural and mathematical control and a symmetry hidden under a resolutely modern marked  colored esthetics.


Anxious to convey a humanistic value in its work. 


The clear and generous energy of his  paintings gives us enough space & time to react about the comedy of our lives.

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