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CLEMENT MOUGEL is a Painter, modern artist, visionary, born in 1986 on September 7th in Compiegne, France.

The expressionist gesture of Clement Mougel describes emotional prospects in constant motion.

"I want to show feelings, emotions, reflexion from the inside..not the outside. Mental is king"

It makes us discover a unique universe.

Painter on canvas, only unique peaces, but in need with spraying his energy on everything around.

in the street, on commercial stores, street furniture...


 he is passionated with the combinaison of ancient and extreme modernity.

Elegence, lines, architecture, improve the streets.

"the feeling of taking time to make a nice peace for the people outside, just giving lights for the eyes, spinning up the moods with a look, have good talks, a smile, a feeling, travelling through time.. is unpricable"

The clear and generous energy of his paintings gives us enough space & time to react about the comedy of our lives.


Copyright ©2023  Clement Mougel . PARIS . All Rights Reserved

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